Spekboom is a special plant:

  • it is an indigenous succulent
  • it is a pioneer plant and attracts growth of other vegetation
  • it is highly wind and drought resistant
  • it can be used to combat desertification
  • it is a highly nutritious animal fodder
  • it is a carbon sink, binding CO2 at the rate of 4tons per year per hectare
  • it grows up to 5m as a tree, can be pruned into an evergreen hedge and can be kept indoors as a bonsai
  • it is becoming increasingly popular as a garden plant and a pay-it-forward gift.

Spekco2 is a non-profit organization run largely voluntarily, and working to green urban areas, rehabilitate degraded areas, empower local people with employment and spread awareness of environmental and social issues.

Our spekboom is grown by the non-profit Cape Flats Fynbos Nursery, employing and training underprivileged people from the area and working to rehabilitate the indigenous flora and fauna.

The plants are sold in Compots, which are made of organic matter and are fully biodegradable. These are made in a small town outside Cape Town and provide employment for a number of local unskilled people. The compots contain zeolite, a mineral that absorbs water, thus allowing for longer shelf life and less need for watering.

Your centre will be provided with a stand displaying approximately 100 plants in small cup sized compots with the spekboom and compot information attached on attractive tags as well as on a large poster. The plants will be replenished as sales occur. The price for these would be the same as that charged at retailers eg. Starke Ayres ie. R40.

R15 of this will go directly back to the shopping centre as rental. 10% of the remainder of the proceeds ie. R2.50 will go to the greening of a school or community in an underpriviledged area. Your centre may want to choose an area in or around Cape Town or in one of the township areas, which would then receive a number of spekboom plants to green their premises; the number obviously dependant on the number of plants sold at the centre.

Your centre will receive photos of your plants going into the ground, as well as publicity on out website and Facebook page, going out to many interested individuals locally and internationally.